Church in 21st Centuary Online

c-21.jpgChurch in the 21st Centuary Online, a website provided by the American Jesuit college Boston College, offers on-line courses for spiritual renewal and on-going faith formation.  While most of these are subscription-based, two are freely available:


The Birth of Jesus: Two Gospel Narratives aims to help you to explore:

  • how the Catholic tradition and recent biblical scholarship understand the origins of the Gospels and their proper interpretation
  • the unique literary features and religious insights of Matthew's account of Jesus' birth
  • the unique literary features and religious insights of Luke's account of Jesus' birth.

The Death of Jesus: Four Gospel Accounts aims to help you to explore:

  • the four different Gospel passion narratives by examining five scenes that are common to each of the narratives
  • the unique characteristics of each account
  • the limits of our historical knowledge about Jesus’ death
  • the spiritual message about the death of Jesus that each evangelist sought to convey.

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